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After Lori received the Intracept® Procedure, she said “This has changed my life, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If you’re a potential candidate for it, do it. Don’t hesitate.”

After a decade of chronic low back pain and treatments that didn’t work, Kathy finally found relief with the Intracept® Procedure. She’s now back to enjoying everyday activities and feels like she has “a brand new life.”

Keeping up with 14 grandkids is tough with chronic low back pain – following the Intracept® Procedure, Debbie’s lifting them up, getting down on the floor, and feeling “fantastic!”


Following the Intracept Procedure, Dave’s back doing what he wants to do – working out, scuba diving, even yard work. ‘It’s changed my life,’ he said ‘that’s all there is to it.’

After more than 5 years of different approaches, Shaun’s back pain remained. Now he’s back playing with his kids and being the father he wants to be – and the Intracept® Procedure “has been an answered prayer.”

Karen is back walking comfortably again, following years of more conservative approaches that didn’t yield the desired results. For her, and her family, the results have been “a blessing.”


For Kourtney, real, long-lasting relief seemed out of reach. She couldn’t walk, get in her car, or exercise without pain. When non-operative treatments didn’t work, her doctor recommended the Intracept procedure. Now she lives life pain free.

James wanted to treat his chronic LBP with a minimally invasive surgery, so his doctors offered the Intracept procedure to target the basivertebral nerve. Now James is back in the gym, on his boat, and enjoying activities he hasn’t enjoyed in years.

Relief was always temporary for Alison. After the Intracept procedure, she’s finally experiencing life as she always thought she should: pain free – and playing with her grandchild.

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