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Spinal Cord Stimulation Specialist

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When there’s no correctable cause for your chronic back or leg pain, you may benefit from spinal cord stimulation. The experienced team physicians at Pacific Sports and Spine offer many cutting-edge treatments to help you get relief from your chronic pain condition, including spinal cord stimulation. To learn more about your pain management options, call the office in Eugene, Oregon, or book an appointment online today.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Q & A

What is spinal cord stimulation?

Spinal cord stimulation is a pain management treatment for chronic pain conditions that fail to improve with medical or surgical intervention. 

Your surgeon uses a spinal cord stimulator device that sends a mild electrical pulse to your spinal cord for pain relief. The electrical pulse interferes with the transmission of pain signals to your brain to relieve your pain symptoms. 

Am I a candidate for spinal cord stimulation?

When you visit Pacific Sports and Spine for pain management, the team conducts comprehensive evaluations to fully understand your pain condition so they can develop an effective treatment plan.

You may be a candidate for spinal cord stimulation if you suffer from chronic back or leg pain that medical or surgical interventions don’t resolve. 

Some of the conditions benefiting from spinal cord stimulation might include:

  • Failed back surgery
  • Injury to the spinal cord
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Nerve pain
  • Sciatica
  • Arachnoiditis (inflammation and scarring of the nerve lining)

Before permanent placement of the spinal cord stimulator device, the team at Pacific Sports and Spine conducts a trial stimulation. 

What happens during the spinal cord stimulation trial?

During the spinal cord stimulation trial, your surgeon makes a small incision at your spine, removes a portion of the lamina, and places the leads over your spinal cord. Your surgeon attaches the wires from the leads to a spinal cord stimulator device you wear on your waist. 

Your provider at Pacific Sports and Spine requests you keep a pain journal during the trial period. If the spinal cord stimulation provides significant relief, your surgeon may suggest moving on to the device’s permanent placement. 

What happens during spinal cord stimulation surgery?

The Pacific Sports and Spine team uses many techniques to place the spinal cord stimulator device and electrodes. Your surgeon reviews the details of the procedure with you at your consultation. 

Your surgeon uses live X-ray guided imaging (fluoroscopy) to place the leads over your spinal cord and sutures them in place during the procedure. They pass the wires under your skin to your buttocks and attach them to your spinal cord stimulator device. 

Most patients go home the same day or the day after the procedure. 

How long is recovery from spinal cord stimulation surgery?

Recovery from spinal cord stimulation surgery takes about 10 days. The team provides guidelines for wound care and activity during your recovery.

To learn more about spinal cord stimulation and how it may help you get long-term pain relief, call Pacific Sports and Spine or book an appointment online today.